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This month I’m going to be sharing what there is to know about orange and how orange can help you. Colour generally is very emotive and can evoke positive emotions as well as negative ones.  What do you feel when you look at this?  Concentrate on the colour orange within the image.

Orange Energy in Medicine

So let’s look at orange. Orange is a joyous colour which is wonderful, but it is great to help us with the more negative sides of life, such as grief and loss, which also includes bereavement.  It is a rare person who goes through life without experiencing grief and loss, and these feelings don’t just apply when someone close to us dies.  We can experience this when relationships break down, not only romantic relationships, but also friendships.  If divorce has been experienced, it’s easy to mourn the loss of what might have been, what joint dreams are no longer possible with that person.  It may be the loss of a job, a feeling of unfairness mixed in with everything else.  And of course, it can mean the death of a loved one.

So how are you dealing with the loss you’ve experienced in your life?  Have you bottled down those feelings because it’s not seemly to display the strong emotions that are stirred up, and particularly for the Brits reading this, has the stiff upper lip syndrome been ingrained into you? Isn’t it time to let that go? Perhaps you’re fearful of leaving that part of your life behind you, afraid to move forward and get on with your life.  Nothing can take away our memories, our experiences, and please do not feel any guilt for wanting to enjoy life, because our loved ones would not want us to be sad.  They would want us to enjoy our life in the best way possible.

Losing jobs is somewhat different.  I’ve been through seven redundancies, mostly due to the office closing down following takeovers, but there is still the initial shock experienced of knowing you are going to lose your job, going to lose the work environment you are happy in, going to lose your work colleagues that you feel close to.  And then the fear about getting another job, how easy will it be, will you have to settle for something rather than choosing your preferred job simply to pay the bills?  Is there a sense of ‘it’s not fair!’.

If orange is disliked, it can point to feelings of outrage from being badly treated.  It can also point to being reticent at social gatherings or business meetings.

But also know that orange can give you that sociability.  It’s also warm-hearted, optimistic, positive and tolerant.


Orange makes us think of many things; here are just a few:

  • Colour of joy
  • Movement
  • Dancing
  • Sociable
  • Tolerant
  • Friendship
  • Optimistic
  • It’s expansive
  • Gives us a community spirit
  • Achievement
  • Gut instinct
  • Creativity
  • Removes our inhibitions
  • Lifts the spirits
  • It’s practical
  • And stimulating
  • Motivational
  • Breaks down barriers
  • Physical intuition
  • It’s persistent
  • Moves us forward
  • Gives us subtle strength
  • Colour of the sacral chakra

Colour and Crystals

Orange has several variations, from dark orange, orange red right the way through to peach and apricot shades, including amber tones.  And orange crystals are carnelian, fire opal, garnet and amber.  Also aragonite and sunstone are orange in colour.

The Complementary Colour

When we work with a colour from a healing aspect, it’s necessary to know what its complementary colour is so as not to overload the system on way or another.  The complementary colour of orange is blue.

Interesting Facts

Orange is the most rejected colour of our time.  It may be that it brings things into focus that you may not wish to face, but it gives you the courage to face them.

Orange is the only colour in the spectrum that has been taken from an object, the fruit orange.

Orange is one of the main colours we associate with Halloween.

Astrologically, orange relates to Leo and the planet Jupiter.  It also relates to the Sun.  Jupiter has expansive qualities and whenever the Sun comes out, it makes people happy.

The colour orange can help with so many things.  Discover more about orange and other colours.

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Next month we will look at yellow.

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