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With these readings, you can. I will look at the crystals selected and from these, will see what is going on with you energetically.  All crystals have particular properties which I will pick up on, but will also look at colours, layouts and anything else that comes to me intuitively.  The reading will essentially be about you as a person, but if you have any areas you would like me to look at, then please let me know.

I will email the reading to you within 48 to 72 hours once the order has been fully completed.  A typical reading will be between 200 and 700 words, depending upon number of crystals chosen.


How It Works

The reading can take one of two forms: 

  • You choose your own crystals and supply me with a photo of the crystals, or
  • I will intuitively choose the crystals for you

If you go for option (a), please choose crystals that you are instinctively drawn to, rather than your favourites.  If you can choose without actually looking at the crystals, this often works much better.  Then please place the crystals on a plain background, a plain piece of paper is great for this, and take the photo and send it to me.  Occasionally there may be a crystal I find hard to identify from a photo, so I may ask you for the name of it.

 If you don’t have crystals, don’t despair as I can link in and intuitively choose crystals for you.  I will send you a copy of my photo along with the reading.

 As a special offer, if something comes up in the reading that you feel would be helped by a crystal healing, I am providing crystal healing taster sessions for only £25 for 20 minutes only in connection with crystal readings.



‘Andrea did a crystal reading for me a little while ago.  What was quite incredible is that she picked up on the section I was writing about in my book.  She also picked up that I needed to stay grounded which is so true; I have a habit of getting too far into my head.  She also mentioned that I would be doing a lot of communicating which I have been doing in the form of interviews, teaching and writing.

In very aspect Andrea was bang on the money.  I will be back for more …  Thanks Andrea, it was exactly what I needed at the time.

Caroline Mitchell

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Please be aware there are several areas for legal reasons I am unable to help you with; these are health, pregnancy, finance, legal issues and death.   Please also note that by law, I am unable to give readings to anyone under the age of 18.  Readings do not constitute professional, legal or medical advice.  They are for entertainment purposes only.

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