I think I’ve had enough!  If this is how you are feeling right now, then this blog is for you.  But how are you expressing these words; with anger or irritation or is it more with apathy and resignation?

One thing that’s worth doing is looking to find the source of these feelings and seeing if there’s anything you can do about them, even it’s just seeing things from a different perspective.  It’s always best to look at the cause of an issue and not just the symptoms.  If the cause is dealt with, the symptoms won’t return.  But if you only look at the symptoms, you will see them return again and again.

So now we know what not to do, what can be done to help?  I am always going to go to the tools of my trade, crystals, colour and Bach flower remedies.  I may also go to my tarot and oracle cards, of which I have several!  So let’s take a look at how each of these tools can help.


Before we get into what crystals will help in this situation, it’s important to understand that crystals work with vibration and energy.  Think along the lines of descriptive words that can be used to define the energy of the subtle energy body, which is often called the aura, or auric field, and what it needs.  That is where they work.  The physical body is an afterthought, if you will, and not the main focus.

So looking at anger and irritation being the cause first, something that has a clearing energy could be useful, and also something with a calming and loving energy would be great here too.  Rose quartz is gentle, loving and harmonising, while kunzite has a faster vibration, it also has a loving energy.  Snowy quartz has a clearing energy and sodalite is a great crystal for mental stress and is calming and soothing.

Now looking at the second possible cause being apathy and resignation, this calls for something completely different.  Citrine is a sunny uplifting crystal, whereas clear quartz is great for focus and it also strengthens the energy field.

Interestingly, these two different expressions are almost opposite in vibration.


Again, similarly to the crystals, the colours that work well with the two emotional states are two sides of the same coin.  On the one hand, red orange suggests that the mind is overactive and it’s ‘on’ all the time, and it’s likely the emotions are getting in on the act too.  Turquoise on the other hand indicates that there’s a lack of mental energy, mental joy, and in all likelihood, a feeling of no emotional energy.  So what is needed here?  The person displaying the red orange emotions needs turquoise to calm it all down, and the turquoise person needs red orange to give them a boost.

Red and green can also be useful here.  Green balances everything out and is also restorative.  Green is harmony, wholeness and the colour of nature.  Whereas red has many of the attributes of red orange, it is also about survival and drive, and it is stimulating.

Bach Flower Remedies

There are three remedies that come immediately to mind for this particular state of mind.  Holly relates to anger, and all those other hard negative emotions.  By taking the remedy, feelings of love will start to emerge.  Impatiens unsurprisingly helps those who are impatient, and the remedy will allow these feelings to become more forgiving.  And Wild Rose gives a boost to those who are resigned or have apathy, giving them the opportunity to see that there is a point to life and look for the adventure to be had.

When we need to take the remedies, simply place two drops of the tincture into a glass of water and sip slowly.

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