You know me as a crystal healer, but I’m also a colour therapist which was my first love and first foray into this wonderful world of healing and mysticism.  So throughout this year, I’m going to take you through the colours of the rainbow and throw in a couple extras along the way.

Colour generally is very emotive and can evoke positive emotions as well as negative ones.  What do you feel when you look at this? Concentrate on the colour red within the image.

Red Energy in Medicine

So let’s look at red. Red is an action colour; in fact, it is the action colour.  I have to ask you, are you taking the necessary action within your life for you have the life you wish to enjoy?  Sometimes the thought of changing your status quo, even that status quo that belongs solely inside your own head can be scary.  We do things out of habit.  We live our lives out of habit and reasonably predict how our day will pan out.

But what if you realise you are at the very best, bored with your hum drum life, or worse, feel that the way your life is turning out is damaging for you to a greater or lesser degree, and yet you don’t know what else to do.  You don’t know how to live your life in any other way, and you respond in a particular way as that is how you’ve always responded.  Anything else is scary because you don’t know how that will go and it may backfire on you.

Sometimes there is a feeling of just going through the motions and we don’t really engage actively with what is going on around us.  Our enthusiasm is dampened down for some reason, and while there is nothing wrong with a lack of enthusiasm on occasion, for it to be an on-going circumstance it is harmful and is not good for our soul.  Our soul needs to feel nourished and our enthusiasm for life gives it that nourishment.

Are you the person who has lots of plans, lots of ideas but that is all they are, all they every seem to be?  Or perhaps you start something, but it never gets finished?  Have you ever wondered why that may be?  When we are like this, it often comes down to not being grounded. When we are grounded, we are able to manifest things in our life that are helpful to us.

If you are not grounded, you may very well find structure or stability in your life is somewhat challenging. You may feel you have no personal power or give away all your power to someone or something else, because deep down, you don’t feel quite as confident within your own skin as you would like to. Perhaps you don’t feel good enough. Red as a colour may be quite scary to you subconsciously, as it can be confrontational.

If red is disliked, it can point to having suffered rejection at some point and not having overcome that sense of rejection.  Perhaps you feel as if you do nothing but fight battles that are seemingly never-ending and consequently you feel quite defeated.  This is when standing your ground quietly in a positive way can really come into its own, so that you step into your own power.

But also know that red can give you courage to take your powerful self by the horns to become your true self, to be passionate, be dynamic, be grounded, be a survivor.


 Red makes us think of many things; here are just a few:

  • Colour of action
  • Gives courage
  • Allows creativity to flow
  • Growth, but also destruction
  • Gives us our drive
  • Gives us adrenalin
  • Colour of power
  • And willpower
  • It can be territorial
  • The colour of passion
  • Also sexuality
  • The pioneer colour
  • Gives us enthusiasm
  • Practical
  • Impatient
  • The colour of the ego and the inflated ego
  • Self-preservation
  • Survival
  • Can be defiant
  • And attention-seeking
  • Colour of the base chakra

Colour and Crystals

Red has many variations, from crimson to scarlet, burgundy to rusty red and fire engine red among others. And red crystals are ruby, garnet and red jasper.  Some carnelians can be quite red in colour.

The Complementary Colour

When we work with a colour from a healing aspect, it’s necessary to know what its complementary colour is so as not to overload the system on way or another.  Red’s complementary colour is green.

Interesting Facts

In physical terms, red relate to the blood, and consequently circulation, so it’s an important colour which helps keep our blood pumping around our bodies keeping us alive.

When we think of red being the colour of action, it almost doesn’t make sense that the stop signal of a traffic light is red.  But when we also think that red can stand for danger, it all falls into place.

Astrologically, red relates to Aries and the red planet of Mars.  How many people do you know born under the sign of Aries who tend to be impatient or irritable?  The positive side of Aries however will show leadership qualities and they have managed to tame their impatience and irritability.

A few sayings come to mind, a red rag to a bull, cutting through red tape, red alert, red carpet treatment and red-letter day.  Each of these brings a particular feeling to mind.

The colour red can help with so many things.  Discover more about red and other colours.

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Next month we will look at orange.

With light and love



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