Individual Sessions

Three Choices, Three Types of Healing

All can be done as distant healing…

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing promotes a relaxed feeling, lighter energy and better quality sleep.

Are you stressed and having trouble sleeping? Would you love more energy and inner peace? Andrea will help you achieve all of this and more.

After my first crystal healing treatment, I realised that my life was full of patterns, which were not necessarily beneficial to me. So, I learnt how to create healthy boundaries and say no with grace. Life became easier and my inner confidence increased.

You can achieve this too. Just think how life could be without your mind constantly going over things., there would be less anxiety. Imagine being more relaxed, having more energy, feeling more refreshed, and achieving better sleep.

During a crystal healing session, this time is just for you and you can relax totally for an hour, knowing that you and everything else is being taken care of. I will lead you into a gentle visualisation which will allow you to drift away and not have to think about anything. Crystals will be placed on or around the body.  It is believed that the crystals shape and focus the healing energies, and the healing energies go to the point of greatest need at that time. A perfect stress-free time for you.

To Book a Crystal Healing Session:

Length of time – One hour

Cost £70

Please email to book a session

Salisbury too far? No problem, just book a distant healing which is just as effective.

“A really nice experience I would recommend.”

Sandra Geddes

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies promote a balancing out of emotions, leading to a healthier life.

Rescue Remedy. I remember a friend suggesting I take this before having my ears pierced as it would help with the shock. What I didn’t realise at the time is that there is a remedy for every possible emotional state that we can encounter in our lives, 38 in total, and that Rescue Remedy contains five of them.

Dr Bach categorised the 38 remedies into seven main groups in the 1930s.  These seven groups are for fright, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, being oversensitive to ideas and influences, despondency and despair and over-care for the welfare of others.

The remedies are taken in water and a session with me will help uncover all the various aspects that are hindering your progress in life. A remedy will be made up specifically for you and as part of the session, you will receive an energy healing using these remedies which will enhance the healing.

To Book a Bach Flower Remedy Healing Session:

Length of time – One hour

Cost £70

Please email to book a session

Salisbury too far? No problem, just book a distant healing which is just as effective.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy readings pinpoint what is going on in your life, bringing to the surface what needs to be healed.

Is your mind in constant turmoil, never-ending circulating thoughts? Are you having trouble detaching from old emotional pain? Are you stuck, repeating patterns and want to change but don’t know how?

Colour was my first love and naturally I wanted to include colour in all aspects of my life. Discovering that colour plays a part in all aspects of our lives was a revelation. I learnt how it can enhance, how it can detract and how each colour has a meaning which can be helpful to us. I understood that I had a choice whether I viewed my world as a negative experience or a positive experience. My noisy inner voice slowly began to quieten, and I started to understand why things seemed stuck.

I realised that if nothing changes, then nothing changes, and if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. When you really think about what this means, you have an opportunity to make a change. And when you make that change, it means you will get something different to what you always have previously.

An interactive colour therapy reading looks at the five main bodily states in detail; spiritual, thought processes, emotional, metabolic and physical, and will indicate where your focus needs to be. You will be given an overall colour to work with and its complementary colour and a meditation to work with over the course of a week. An interactive session.

Things brought to the surface will show you what needs to be looked at right now in order for you to start to make changes in your life which will give control back to you. Your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect will begin to improve. Colour readings can really pinpoint current issues in your life and show how you can become more balanced working with colour

To Book a Colour Therapy Reading:

Length of time – One hour

Cost £70 To book

Please email to book a session

Salisbury too far? No problem, just book a distant healing which is just as effective.

Session In Person

“I did not know what to expect from the healing sessions but hoped to find inner peace.

The first thing that I was aware of was that I slept better, and my thinking became clearer.  Andrea helped me get on my path back to health and gave me back control of my emotions.

I would highly recommend Andrea as she is so professional, as well as being kind, considerate and easy to talk to.”

Anita Panayiotis

Distant Healing

So How Does It Work?

Space and time are human constructs; however, everything in this world is connected through the ether and therefore when sending energy to someone any distance away, they receive it immediately due to that connectedness. We are like drops in the ocean or the movement of butterfly wings.

The practical aspects will depend upon the specific healing chosen, but we will have a chat on the phone or a Zoom call, and then I will proceed with the healing or reading and we can complete the healing via email or a phone call.


“Last week I spent in hospital with reactive hypoglycaemia, meaning I was struggling to raise my glucose level. This leaves me with headaches and tiredness.

Andrea was doing long distance healing for me at 12.00 midday and I laid on my bed relaxing as best I could, trying to meditate as much as my pain would allow. Some tingling started in my left shoulder, then my arm, then my legs. It wasn’t anything to alarm me; it was a warm feeling.

I woke up at 13.30 totally relaxed and free from pain. I managed to clean windows, do all the ironing and clean the bathroom. I certainly did not have the energy or will to do these jobs beforehand.

WELL DONE Andrea, I have not felt this free from pain for such a long time. Thank you so very much.”

Joanne Marlow

If you would like to book a Distant Healing for any of the above services for just £60 for an hour, please email to book a session

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