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Let me ask you… wouldn’t it be great if everything flowed nicely in life, without the ups and downs?  Instead of uncertainty, wouldn’t it be a welcome relief to feel inner balance?

By having a crystal reading, I can help you see what areas in your life need to be adjusted & will help you see what can be Transformed Into Harmony.

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I empower women who are interested in the deeper meaning of life and who are ready to invest in their overall health, gaining clarity by unlocking and shifting their mind and emotions.  I do this with the use of Crystals, Colour and Bach Flower Remedies in a healing environment.

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Are You Happy In Your Life?

Many of us equate happiness with external sources. When I have a boyfriend / get married / meet my perfect partner … I will be happy. When my relationship improves, I will be happy. When I have my perfect job, I will be happy. When I buy my perfect home, I will be happy. When I lose weight, I will be happy. This doesn’t work. Why? Because we are basing our happiness on external factors, so we are denying ourselves of happiness as we are putting it in the future.

It Starts With You.

When you feel happy about yourself, you will be happy being single and if a guy comes along and treats you well, then he is lucky to have you. When you feel happy about yourself, you will feel confident to go for job opportunities that otherwise would have alluded you. When you feel happy about yourself, you will feel empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices, which in turn means you will lose weight.


You may have heard this a lot. It’s true; sometimes it’s hard to do it yourself.

Over time life happens to us. We learn limiting beliefs & patterning from a very young age. Our parents, schooling, relationships all play their part in our conditioning. Imagine major & exciting milestones & events in your life being like finding a bright shiny penny, the penny dulls over time – it tarnishes.

Does this sound familiar?

This can lead us then to feeling we work to live not live to work, we can feel unfulfilled in the major areas of our lives, our relationships with ourselves and others, our health, our wealth, our careers, our aspirations and dreams, our opportunities etc.

We can then look as if on the outside we are coping and are well prepared and organised, but on the inside, we are struggling with fear, the mind working overtime, stress, energy levels, tiredness etc. You can’t put your finger on it, but the world feels against you on an emotional, physical, financial and spiritual level as everything you try to do doesn’t work.


Life Can Be Different...

Healing, and in particular crystal healing, puts you on the right track to achieve a different life. With the help of crystal healing, my attitude toward working in a high-powered job within the corporate world changed dramatically, and in time, gave me the confidence to leave that life for something I really love doing. All my relationships improved, I no longer had the negative chit chat going on inside my head, and now looked for the positive in all areas of my life, which resulted in a much more pleasant experience all round. It also gave me the confidence to move from my lovely house just outside London to another lovely house, 100 miles away in Salisbury, but now I’m surrounded by fields rather than traffic. And all this with the help of crystals.

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When using crystals with healing, you are taken to the highest point of who you can possibly be at that moment in time

After the healing, your body and auric field tries continually to reach this point again; this is how we heal and progress. Crystals shape and focus the healing energies according to need, and work with the cause of an issue, not the symptom.

Healing works with the energies of our subtle bodies, such as the chakras and aura that surrounds us. These bodies are subtle because they are of a faster vibration than the physical body, which is why most people are unable to see them. Think of the wheels of a car. When a car is stationery, you are able to see the wheel spokes quite clearly. Once it is moving and the wheels begin to turn, the spokes blur, especially when the car is travelling at speed. The vibration of the wheel is faster than when it is stationery and hence we are unable to see the spokes of the wheel. But it doesn’t mean to say they are not there!

Our electromagnetic or subtle bodies are the same, they are just vibrating at a higher frequency than our physical body. And although we generally can’t see these other bodies, it doesn’t mean they are not there.

Crystals are found all over the world, although some areas of the world tend to produce more of a certain type of crystal than in other areas. Clear quartz, the master crystal can be found everywhere. Crystals have particular properties which help in a crystal healing treatment. They can be strengthening, clearing, grounding, calming, softening, nurturing, energising and relaxing; all of which can help with the cause of an issue.

Working with crystals and crystal healing treatments are proven to…

Reduce Stress

Increase Energy

Increase Peace

Give More Clarity & Head Space

Improved Sleep

Give You More Purpose

Increase Confidence

Be The Best Version of YOU

So if your life is not as happy as you would like it… if you want that penny in your life to be bright and shiny once again… let me help you on this part of your journey in life


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