How Andrea Works With Crystals


Before the healing, Andrea will go over some paperwork with you and explain how the session will proceed*. Before the healing actually starts, you may wish to remove any glasses if you wear them and perhaps any necklaces.

You will be invited to lie down so that you are comfortable. Once you’re comfortable, you will be given a visualisation to help get you into the right space and then the healing will take place. Andrea will place crystals around the body and on the body as is needed and then channel healing energy. She will not touch you during the healing. You may feel tingling, warmth, coolness or perhaps nothing at all; whatever is right for you will happen. At the end of the healing, with your permission, Andrea will touch the top of your feet to bring you back to the present.

During the healing you will be in the best possible state for you at this moment in time. The crystals shape and focus the healing energies, making it a more focused healing. You will come out of the healing feeling refreshed and relaxed. Your subtle bodies will remember this feeling and will want to continue that feeling. This is how healing works.


*In certain circumstances it is not appropriate to use crystals in healing. If this happens, Andrea will explain why, and you will be offered energy healing instead. Bach flower remedies or colour healing may also be offered.

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Andrea Webb – Using Energy As Medicine