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Do you love crystals?

Do you have a few but don’t know what to do with them but would like to?

Then this is a workshop for you, an introduction with working with crystals. It’s a workshop which helps you really develop an understanding and deeper knowledge of the crystal kingdom where you learn how to use crystals in your daily life, how to get the best from them in meditation, together with a couple of self-healing techniques for you to use on yourself.

Want to do more with your crystals, I’ll show you how, by booking onto this workshop.

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“I attended a workshop with Andrea last weekend and it not only met my expectations but went above and beyond them.  I loved the interactive exercises we did between the healer and patient.  Andrea made me very welcome and I felt very lucky to have such personal time with her.  Additionally, where the workshop is held, it is a beautiful space in a lovely area.  I definitely want to do more work with Andrea and recommend her workshops.  “

Elaine Hayward

Diploma Course


I also teach a two-year diploma course for anyone who wants to learn more about how to interact with crystals.

This course is for those who are into self-development and want to learn about tools that can help them on their way, particularly crystals. It is for those who want to become crystal and energy healers and want a good foundation of learning and techniques.

This course is serious and along the way, you learn why it takes two years to become a good crystal healer. You will receive a fully recognised diploma qualification in Crystal and Energy Healing and a certificate as a Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner.

This course is accredited by the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine ‘FSEM’ and Subtle Health International ‘SHI’, who is the lead regulatory body for Subtle Energy Medicine in the UK. FSEM was formed 20 years ago and sets and maintains a high standard of training and practice in the therapies it accredits.

The course is comprised of seven weekends in each year, totalling 28 days training in total and although focus will be on working with energy and crystals, it also includes a basic working knowledge of sound, colour and flower healing, including working with Bach Flower remedies.

Personal development is incorporated throughout the course, allowing you to grow through your own awareness, enabling understanding, growth, awareness, truth and exploration through empowerment, always for the highest good of all. You will learn integrity, responsibility and confidence when working with your clients.

In addition to the 28 days training, there will be home study to include reading, meditation, practical sessions, written assignments, case studies and putting together a portfolio.

This is a profound course and requires dedication.

For an overview of the course and pricing, please contact me at or click the button below.


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