Distant Healing

Distant Healing

What Is It & How Does It Work?

Space and time are human constructs; however, everything in this world is connected through the ether and therefore when sending energy to someone any distance away, they receive it immediately due to that connectedness. We are like drops in the ocean or the movement of butterfly wings.

The practical aspects will depend upon the specific healing chosen, but we will have a chat on the phone or a Zoom call, and then I will proceed with the healing or reading and we can complete the healing via email or a phone call.


“Last week I spent in hospital with reactive hypoglycaemia, meaning I was struggling to raise my glucose level. This leaves me with headaches and tiredness.

Andrea was doing long distance healing for me at 12.00 midday and I laid on my bed relaxing as best I could, trying to meditate as much as my pain would allow. Some tingling started in my left shoulder, then my arm, then my legs. It wasn’t anything to alarm me; it was a warm feeling.

I woke up at 13.30 totally relaxed and free from pain. I managed to clean windows, do all the ironing and clean the bathroom. I certainly did not have the energy or will to do these jobs beforehand.

WELL DONE Andrea, I have not felt this free from pain for such a long time. Thank you so very much.”

Joanne Marlow


If you would like to book a Distant Healing for any of the Individual Services, it’s just £50 for an hour, please email info@andrea-webb.com to book a session


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