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This month I’m going to be sharing what there is to know about sapphire, and how September’s birth stone can help you.

Energy in Medicine

I’m a bit biased about Sapphire as it’s my birth stone and even wore it on my wedding day.  There is such depth and richness within the crystal that you can lose yourself in it.

Do you sometimes wish you had more wisdom?  Do you sometimes wish that you were as knowledgeable as you perceive other people around you to be?  Do you think they are just lucky, or believe they have worked for it?

Wisdom and knowledge are different to intelligence and intellect.  Wisdom is having knowledge, which is information, skills and facts, through actual experience of a thing.  Whereas intelligence means the ability to acquire knowledge and skills, and certainly from school days, we learn that some of us have a greater ability in this and others not so great.  Intellect is the reasoning and understanding of (usually) abstract matters.

We all know people who are perceived to be extremely intelligent but have no common sense.  And the opposite is true also, of the person who has a knowledgeable answer to anything and everything, with wisdom, but was perhaps not considered intelligent during school days.

What if we take this idea of wisdom and knowledge one step further to the intangible things in life? Some people seem to have this all wrapped up as a given, and you may look on thinking, wondering, if only I could do that, I wonder what if would be like to receive this kind of information, I wonder how it feels to be all of that.

By meditating with sapphire, it helps you access your own inner wisdom.  It helps with vision, your own inner vision, even if you sense these things rather than ‘see’.  It can help access your own dormant psychic abilities and extrasensory perception.  It helps with your connection to your own higher self, the higher wisdom part of yourself.  Star sapphire, such as that pictured above is said to assist in contacting other worldly beings, outer worldly intelligences, if that’s your thing. 

By having a crystal healing session, you can start to experience the more psychic side of life, be it clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.  There are other ways, but these three are the most common.  By continuing to work with crystals and having crystal healing this becomes easier and easier.


Sapphire has many attributes; here are just a few:

  • It helps with communication
  • It helps with creativity
  • It unlocks inner wisdom
  • It brings peace of mind
  • It brings tranquillity
  • It brings serenity
  • It helps with self-expression
  • It works particularly well on the higher chakras
  • It helps centre you
  • It helps you see below the surface
  • It’s insightful
  • It stimulates dreams
  • It’s helpful for lucid dreamwork
  • It’s strengthening
  • It helps focus and reflect higher energies
  • It’s evocative
  • It can be intense


Sapphire is generally known as a blue stone, but it comes in a range of other colours too.  They come in pink, green, black, white, yellow and orange, all colours apart from red.  The red variety of this corundum is ruby, which we looked at in July.

Rarity and Location

Blue sapphire is readily available, although some of the other colours may not be so easy to come by.  They come from Kenya, India, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Thailand and USA.

Interesting Facts

Sapphire is another stone connected with royal and it was believed that it kept kings save from harm and even envy!

In days gone by, if you were not of royal blood or a high priest, you could be punished for wearing sapphires.

During the Middle Ages, it was believed that sapphire could cure eye disease and preserve chastity. They were also believed to symbolise faithfulness which is where the chastity comes in I presume.

More recently, sapphire was the main stone of Princess Diana’s engagement ring.  Kate, Duchess of Cambridge now wears this ring.

Astrologically, sapphires are linked with Saturn, which represents order, discipline, structure and good organisation.  This makes perfect sense when the birth sign of Virgo is considered, and these qualities are the very same as those for Virgos.

It is said that the Ten Commandments were created and carved from a sapphire tablet.

Sapphires are the traditional gift for a 45th wedding anniversary.

Sapphire can help with so many things.  Discover more about this and other wonderful crystals.

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Next month we will look at sapphire.

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