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This month I’m going to be sharing what there is to know about emerald and how May’s birth stone can help you.

Energy in Medicine

Emerald is a green crystal which relates to the Heart chakra and therefore love, in all of its forms. So, let’s look at the love you have in your life.  Think about your nearest and dearest, think about the love you have for your partner and children if you have them.  Think about your family, your friends.  How do you relate to the divine, to spiritual love?  And very importantly, the love you have for yourself.  Are you happy in your relationships?  Are your relationships easy or do some feel difficult?  How do you cope with that difficulty?

Often when relationships do not live up to our ideals and nourish us as they should, we feel distressed, perhaps not outwardly, and maybe not even consciously, but on an inner level we feel perhaps irritated or annoyed, but definitely troubled to a lesser or greater degree.  We may try to ignore the problem, but ultimately that is not the solution and whatever the problem is will simply fester until it’s dealt with.  And whatever way we deal with things externally, we must also deal with them internally too.

It is most important that we deal with our stuff on an internal level and the equilibrium of our inner world is so important to our health, our holistic health on all levels, particularly our thoughts and emotions, which in turn lead to a healthier physical body.  If our thoughts are negative, our subconscious listens to that and simply gives us more of the same as it thinks that is what we want.  We have to take care with how those positive thoughts are phrased too, so for example, instead of thinking ‘why don’t I feel loved’, turn it around to ‘I always feel loved’.  It will make a difference.

When we love and feel love, we are in the flow of life, we seek harmony within and without, we have abundance within all our partnerships, whatever they may be.  And we develop compassion, not only for others, which is relatively easy, but also for ourselves, which is always much harder as we are usually much more strict on ourselves than with others.

To help us with love, compassion and the inner equilibrium that our soul yearns for, emerald is here to help.  Take a small piece of emerald; emerald tumblestones similar to the above picture are much cheaper that the high-quality gemstones we generally associate with emerald and are just as effective.  Place it underneath your pillow at night and it will start working with you.  You may prefer to meditate with it and ask it to help you with inner equilibrium.


Emerald has many attributes; here are just a few:

  • It’s all about love
  • And partnership
  • And compassion
  • Abundance
  • It relates to water
  • It’s flowing
  • It’s clearing
  • It’s de-stressing
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • And healing
  • It’s calming and soothing, especially on our emotions
  • It enables mental clarity
  • And inner knowing
  • It relates to the Heart chakra
  • And being green is very healing
  • It’s a powerful crystal


Emeralds are green in colour.  We are very familiar with the bright green translucent gemstone we find in jewellery shops.  However, healers use emeralds that are not so high quality and are opaque, as in the photo above.  These are also much cheaper than the high‑quality gemstones which may be a bit too much for healing.

Rarity and Location

Emerald is easily obtainable.  The very best quality comes from Colombia, but is also found in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Egypt and Russia.

Interesting Facts

Emerald is a member of the beryl family, just like aquamarine which we looked at in March. It gets its green colour from vanadium and chromium inclusions.

If you know of anyone who’s approaching their 55th wedding anniversary, emerald is the traditional gift.

Liz Taylor owned an emerald necklace consisting of 23 carats that was a gift from her husband, Richard Burton.

Emeralds at one time were thought to be a protection from magic.  However, they also were thought to be prophetic and be able to divine the future.

In ancient times, emeralds were mined in Egypt and the Egyptian god Thoth is thought to be the author of the mysterious Emerald Tablets, a work to enable transformation and enlightenment.  The following well-known saying ‘As above, so below.  As within, so without.  As with the universe, so with the soul’ comes from this ancient work.

Emerald can help with so many things.  Discover more about emerald and other crystals.

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