Rescue Remedy is the go-to remedy for anything that is shocking or painful or some other type of difficulty.  We know about Rescue Remedy even if we are unaware of all the other remedies that Dr Bach created in the 1930’s.

The very first time I took Rescue Remedy it was suggested to me by a friend.  I was planning to have my belly button pierced, something that was all the rage around twenty years ago, and she suggested it for the possible shock to my body.  Well I took it beforehand as instructed by her, but didn’t take it afterwards, so I’m not sure how beneficial it was in the aftermath, although it did probably calm me down a little prior to actually having the procedure done.

Since then, I’ve worked with many of Bach’s flower remedies and they are incredible.  They work very subtly, but strongly on our emotional states.  The idea of them is to create balance within your emotional self and your behaviours.  However, there is one very important thing to note, brandy is used as a preserver of the remedies, and therefore if you have an issue with alcohol, then please do not take the original remedies, look for the alcohol-free remedies which are made with glycerine.

So what actually is Rescue Remedy, what particular remedies can help us in a moment of struggle in any form?  There are five remedies within Rescue Remedy and two of these are in one group, and the other three are each in separate groups.  Dr Bach grouped the remedies into seven main groups.  The five remedies are Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose.

Cherry Plum is part of the group for fright, and key words for this remedy are fear of loss of control, losing your mind and doing dreaded things.  These are often mundane things.  By taking this remedy you will find your way to openness and composure, calmness and sanity.

Clematis is part of the group for insufficient interest in present circumstances.  Key words here are dreamers, lack of interest in the present, thoughts always elsewhere, absent‑mindedness.  Taking the remedy brings you back down to earth and allows for creative idealism.

Impatiens is part of the group for loneliness.  Key words are impatience, irritated by constraints, excessive reactions, quick and tense.  When we take this remedy, we experience patience and gentleness and are more forgiving.

Star of Bethlehem is part of the group for despondency and despair.  Key words are shock and grief.   By taking the remedy it comforts and sooths our pains and sorrows.  It helps us reorientate ourselves and gives us inner strength.

Rock Rose is the second remedy which is in the group for fright.  Key words here are terror, feeling alarmed, extremely acute state of fear and panic.  By taking the remedy it gives us courage and steadfastness to face an emergency.  It can be used in an emergency when you have already lost control.

The remedies are effectively an expression, a memory of a flower and works in a similar way to that of homeopathy.  There are two methods for extracting the essence of the flower.  The first method is that flowers are floated in pure water for a number of hours in the sunshine, and then the resulting water is poured into a sterile bottle and then an amount of brandy is added as the preservative.  The second method is used for the woodier plants, where the flowers and some twigs are placed into a saucepan and boiled, then simmered for half an hour.  The pan is then taken outside to cool down completely.  Again, the resulting liquid is poured into a sterile bottle and then an amount of brandy is added as the preservative.

We can buy the bottles of individual remedies from a pharmacy or direct from one of the websites that sells the remedies made in the traditional way, such a Bach, Healing Herbs, Ainsworth or Creature Comforters.  When we need to take the remedies, simply place two drops of the tincture into a glass of water and sip slowly.

However, usually when we need remedies, we need more than one, sometimes three or four.  This is where I come in and can listen to what is happening in your life and understand which remedies would be good for you at that particular time.  I can then make up a bottle of remedy specifically for you for the immediate issues at hand.

The Rescue Remedy can help with so many things.  Discover more about Rescue Remedy and other flower remedies.

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Next month we will look at the remedies in the group for fright.

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