Did you know that there are 38 different flower remedies which were created by Dr Bach in the 1930’s?  These remedies have been classified into seven groups and of course there is also Rescue Remedy.  Today we will look at the remedies in the group for oversensitivity to ideas and influences.

Being oversensitive to ideas and influences may not be quite so apparent as the other remedies we’ve talked about so far, but as you will see, they are just as relevant, especially in light of this latest lockdown.  As with the other remedies we’ve looked at, the remedies for oversensitivity to ideas and influences can also be broken down, this time into four different aspects.  Let’s have a look at these individually and we can then think of which ones may have been needed most in recent months.  Within this group are Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut and Holly.

Agrimony – key words here are apparently jovial but suffering, worry hidden by a carefree mask.  This person is in denial.  They can be the life and soul of the party so that they can escape from their own pain and darkness.  They may have addictions to mask their pain.  By taking the remedy it brings us steadfast peace.  It allows for integration of the light side and dark side into their whole being.  They are able to laugh at their troubles in a positive manner and be a good companion with no outer pretence.

Centaury – key words here are anxious to serve, dominated.  These people are also usually kind, quiet and gentle.  They put others needs before their own.  They are like Cinderella, working excessively hard for others with little or no complaint and are easily imposed upon.   By taking the remedy they become an active and positive worker.  They learn to say no when appropriate.  This person is able to maintain their own identity and able to support their own opinions.

Walnut – key words for this remedy are protection from outside influences, for change and the stages of development.  This can be when it’s hard to escape the influence of a dominant personality when making decisions about your own life.  These can be parents, partners, teachers etc.  Sometimes if there is physical separation, there is still a feeling of being under another’s spell.  By taking this remedy it helps break any outside influence.  It allows for openness and lack of prejudice towards anything new.  It is also a link breaker in divorce or other type of break up.  It is a link breaker when leaving an old job or moving home also.

Holly – key words for this remedy are jealousy, envy, revenge, anger, rage, suspicion, malice.  This person is supersensitive to real or imagined slights, and things can become physical.  By taking this remedy you will find the conquest of all will be through love.  This person will be able to live in harmony with oneself and radiate love.  They will be able to take pleasure in the achievements and success of others.  This remedy protects from anything that is not of love and relates to the Heart centre.

As we can see, there are several different feelings of being oversensitive to the ideas and influences of others.  Do you see yourself in any of these, and have you experienced any of these states in the last few months?

As we’ve discussed previously, these remedies work very subtly, but strongly on our emotional states and thought patterns.  The idea of them is to create balance within your emotional self and your behaviours.  However, there is one very important thing to note, brandy is used as a preserver of the remedies, and therefore if you have an issue with alcohol, then please do not take the original remedies, look for the alcohol-free remedies which are made with glycerine.

The remedies are effectively an expression, a memory of a flower and works in a similar way to that of homeopathy.  There are two methods for extracting the essence of the flower.  The first method is that flowers are floated in pure water for a number of hours in the sunshine, and then the resulting water is poured into a sterile bottle and then an amount of brandy is added as the preservative.  The second method is used for the woodier plants, where the flowers and some twigs are placed into a saucepan and boiled, then simmered for half an hour.  The pan is then taken outside to cool down completely.  Again, the resulting liquid is poured into a sterile bottle and then an amount of brandy is added as the preservative.

We can buy the bottles of individual remedies from a pharmacy or direct from one of the websites that sells the remedies made in the traditional way, such a Bach, Healing Herbs, Ainsworth or Creature Comforters.  When we need to take the remedies, simply place two drops of the tincture into a glass of water and sip slowly.

However, usually when we need remedies, we need more than one, sometimes three or four.  This is where I come in and can listen to what is happening in your life and understand which remedies would be good for you at that particular time.  I can then make up a bottle of remedy specifically for you for the immediate issues at hand.

The individual uncertainty remedies can help with a variety of things.  Discover more about remedies in this group and other flower remedies.

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Next month we will look at the remedies in the group for despondency and despair.

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