Did you know that there are 38 different flower remedies which were created by Dr Bach in the 1930’s?  These remedies have been classified into seven groups and of course there is also Rescue Remedy.  Today we will look at the remedies in the group for despondency and despair.

As with the previous group we looked at, this group of remedies may not all be as obvious as the other groups we’ve talked about so far, but as you will see, they are just as relevant in this latest lockdown, some more than others.  As with the other remedies we’ve looked at, the remedies for despondency and despair can also be broken down, this time into eight different aspects.  Let’s have a look at these individually and we can then think of which ones may have been needed most in recent months.  Within this group are Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak and Crab Apple.

Larch – key words here are lack of confidence, expectancy of failure, lack of will to succeed.  This person has an inferiority complex.  They do not believe they are capable of success.  They may project false modesty and they may use illness as an excuse not to attempt something.  By taking the remedy it brings self-confidence and allows for an attitude to try.  It allows for perseverance, even when things are stacked against one.  Determination becomes a quality to be embodied, and situations are able to be assessed objectively.

Pine – key words here are self- critical, self- reproach, assumes blame.  These people often feel guilty.  They beat themselves up for not having done better, even when they have done their best.  They focus more on their limitations than their achievement and are self‑destructive due to their negative self-image.  By taking the remedy it relieves the sense of guilt.  Genuine regret is experienced rather than guilt, and the ability to forgive and forget.  Self-responsibility is taken with a deep understanding of human nature.

Elm – key words for this remedy are temporary overwhelm, short-term feelings of inadequacy.  This can be when responsibility becomes too much.  Temporary exhaustion due to efforts to perform at optimal levels and doubts capabilities and suitability for a particular function.  By taking this remedy it helps give the strength to perform responsibilities.  It allows problems to be seen in their proper perspective.  Leaders and decision makers will emerge that have the strength to perform their duty.

Sweet Chestnut – key words for this remedy are unendurable desolation, absolute dejection with a feeling of having reached the limit of endurance.  This person is in extreme despair, although not suicidal.  It’s the dark night of the soul.  They see complete darkness with no hope and no peace.  By taking this remedy it will be like a light shining in the darkness.  Inner journey work has begun and a belief that change is possible due to personal experiences of God.  The cry for help is heard and miracles happen.  The phoenix rises from the ashes.

Star of Bethlehem – key words for this remedy are consolation and comfort in grief, after a fright or sudden alarm.  A soother of pains and sorrows.  This person can have unsuspected and delayed-action effects from shock.  This person may have been involved with sorcery in past lives, or abused their knowledge of the occult, or have a history of drug abuse.  By taking this remedy it neutralises shock and the effect of shock, whether immediate or delayed.  It has the capacity for a quick recovery.  It’s great for inner vitality, gives a clear mind and inner strength.

Willow – key words for this remedy are dissatisfied, bitter, resentful, poor me attitude.  This person will feel that life is unfair and will stress the negative aspect of things.  This person is ungrateful and alienating.  They have smouldering anger, which is unspoken but not exploding.  By taking this remedy this person is accepting and becomes uncomplaining, due to optimism and faith.  Rather than victimhood, they become master of their own fate.  They realise that there is a law known as ‘like attracts like’ and if they are negative, they will attract negative, but if positive, then they will attract positive.

Oak – key words for this remedy are persevering despite difficulties, never giving in.  This person is despondent but struggles on regardless.  They never lose hope, but are utterly worn out and exhausted, but never complains.  This person often continues to work as a sense of duty.  By taking this remedy you will admit to your own limitation.  This person is able to withstand stress amazingly well and is courageous and is stable under all conditions.

Crab Apple – key words for this remedy are self-disgust, feeling unclean, small things out of proportion, gets stuck in the detail.  This person will be meticulous with their actions and thoughts.  This person may have problems with very earthly and physical actions, such as sex, being pregnant, breast-feeding.  This person feels mentally and physically unclean and may be ashamed of their physical condition and appearance.  By taking this remedy things will be able to be seen in their proper perspective.  The broadminded point of view will be preferred, and the little things will not upset composure.  Thoughts will be controllable, and this person will then be able to see differences and be acceptable to themselves again.

As we can see, there are several different feelings of despondency and despair.  Do you see yourself in any of these, and have you experienced any of these states in the last few months?

As we’ve discussed previously, these remedies work very subtly, but strongly on our emotional states and thought patterns.  The idea of them is to create balance within your emotional self and your behaviours.  However, there is one very important thing to note, brandy is used as a preserver of the remedies, and therefore if you have an issue with alcohol, then please do not take the original remedies, look for the alcohol-free remedies which are made with glycerine.

We can buy the bottles of individual remedies from a pharmacy or direct from one of the websites that sells the remedies made in the traditional way, such a Bach, Healing Herbs, Ainsworth or Creature Comforters.  When we need to take the remedies, simply place two drops of the tincture into a glass of water and sip slowly.

However, usually when we need remedies, we need more than one, sometimes three or four.  This is where I come in and can listen to what is happening in your life and understand which remedies would be good for you at that particular time.  I can then make up a bottle of remedy specifically for you for the immediate issues at hand.

The individual despondency and despair remedies can help with a variety of things.  Discover more about remedies in this group and other flower remedies.

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Next month we will look at the remedies in the group for overcare for welfare for others.

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