Summer has arrived.  If I can go outside at 8 o’clock in the morning with bare arms, that’s a good enough sign for me.  How about you?

During these warm, balmy days, we feel our sharp edges being worn down.  Everything is more relaxed; everyone has a smile on their face and the all is right with the world.

Energy in Medicine

Aventurine is all about balance. It’s said that we can’t have the highs without the lows, but wouldn’t you prefer for your days to be more balanced rather than living on a perpetual rollercoaster?  I used to live my life like that, and quite frankly, it’s exhausting.  Also, with a more balanced life, you are more in control of what is happening in your life.  That’s sounds good, right?

The softness that aventurine gives us is that it rubs off those brittle edges that we have at times.  For instance, when we feel uptight about something, or stressed over the kids, or work, or anything else that might be happening in your life right now, sitting quietly with a piece of aventurine will help.  Meditate with it too and see what it has to tell you about what it’s good for or how it can help you right now.

How loud is your self-talk, does it whisper, or it is barely noticeable?  Perhaps it’s the other extreme and so loud that you can barely hear yourself think.  We want to aim to quieten the self-talk, and aventurine will help you do this with compassion.  It allows you to move out of your head and into your heart, which in turn will give you balance and soften any stress you may have.

We all need to work towards remaining in the centre of the pendulum swing, rather than swinging from one extreme to the other and back again.  We need this to be healthy on all fronts, our emotional health, our mental health and of course as a knock-on effect, our physical health as well.

By having a crystal healing session, you will be balanced, stable and will feel softer within your being.  You will be more heart centred, which is important.  By continuing to work with crystals and having crystal healing, balance within your whole being becomes a way of life.


Aventurine has many attributes; here are just a few:

  • It’s softening
  • It’s soothing
  • It’s stabilising
  • It’s perceptive
  • It’s compassionate
  • It links us with the devic kingdom
  • It’s optimistic
  • It gives us a zest for life
  • It helps us be more heart centred
  • It’s energising
  • It’s stimulating
  • It’s releasing
  • It’s inspirational
  • Green aventurine harmonises with rose quartz


When we think of aventurine, you usually think of the green variety.  However, it’s also available in blue, peach and red.

Rarity and Location

Aventurine is easily obtained and can be found in India, Brazil, China, Russia and Italyt

Interesting Facts

Aventurine is yang to rose quartz’s yin.

The sparkles within aventurine are due to minutes traces of mica within the crystal.

Its name comes from a ventura, which means by chance, following the discovery of a type of Italian Murano coloured glass incorporating iridescent particles, which has similarities to these crystals.

Green aventurine contains minute traces of fuchsite, red aventurine contains minute traces of hematite and the blue has copper silicate inclusions.

This stone has also been referred to as the ‘gambler’s stone’, as the colour relates to money and luck.  Indeed, anyone wanting a bit of luck in their life might wish to carry a piece of aventurine with them.

For those of you interested in tarot, it is the crystal associated with The Lovers in the major arcana.

Aventurine is an alternative birth stone for August alongside peridot.  It is also the crystal associated with the astrological sign of Cancer and also Libra.  Also modern thought suggests that aventurine can be an alternative gift for the eighth wedding anniversary.

Aventurine can help with so many things.  Discover more about this and other wonderful crystals.

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Next month we will look at tiger’s eye.

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